The Backup System to USB performs a full system backup to a USB device.

Backup System to USB is only available if USB utilities are enabled. If USB utilities are disabled, see Full System Backup.

A full system backup:

  • Includes a snapshot of the primary hard drive.
  • Is used for preparing a backup hard drive for use in the event of catastrophic failure.

Backup Structure

The backup program creates a directory structure on the USB device that looks like this:

Directory Name

The directory GpdPhaseI in the illustrated example corresponds to the dispenser name. Each system is given a unique name and that name is used to collect backups from that system.

The dispenser name is normally the serial number of the dispenser.

Backup Name

Each backup is named with the full date/time at which it is created.

The date time format: YYYYMMDD-HHmm where

is the four digit year the backup started
is the two digit month the backup started
is the two digit day the backup started
is the two digit hour the backup started
is the two digit minute the backup started

A single USB device may hold multiple backups of multiple systems.

How to Create a Full System Backup

  1. Change the system password to an access right that permits access to Backup.
  2. Insert a USB device into one of the USB ports.

    USB device must be a FAT32 formatted device.

  3. Click UtilitiesBackup UtilitiesBackup System to USB

    No USB Mounted

    If no suitable USB device is located, this message displays:

    ** ERROR: No suitable USB device detected
    ** Mount a WIndows FAT32 formatted USB device and try again
    ENTER to continue...

    Press Enter to exit.

    Backup to USB

    If a suitable USB device is located, you'll be prompted to perform this operation:

    ** Valid USB Backup Device detected - 17% used

    Create a new System Backup on the USB? (y/n): y

  4. Answer Y and press ENTER.
  5. The process begins.

    2018/09/24 11:06:09 ** beginning - configuration:/appl/etc/config/recovery/sys-backup.cfg
    2018/09/24 11:06:09 dbase engine running - ok
    2018/09/24 11:06:09 preparing target repository: /dos/c/GPD-FLOware/SystemBackups/[dispenser name]/[date-time stamp]
    2018/09/24 11:06:09 job logger opened:/dos/c/GPD-FLOware/SystemBackups/[dispenser name]/[date-time stamp]/sys-backup.log
    2018/09/24 11:06:10 beginning database backup
    (205924 of 205924 pages, 100% complete)
    (2 of 2 pages, 100% complete)
    Transaction log truncated
    Database backup completed
    2018/09/24 11:06:36 completed database backup
    2018/09/24 11:06:36 creating placeholders
    2018/09/24 11:06:36 generating file manifest
    2018/09/24 11:06:37 file manifest created - 8188 entries
    2018/09/24 11:06:37 generating archive - please wait...
    2018/09/24 11:07:13 archive created elapsed:71.9 size:176062645
    2018/09/24 11:07:13 system dump created
    Remove ALL USB storage devices now.
    Remove ALL USB storage devices now.
    [dispenser name] is normally the serial number of the dispenser.
    [date-time stamp] is a reference to the date and time the utility started.

A full system backup of the dispenser is created. All relevant files are copied into a ZIP file on the USB device. When the process is complete, you'll be prompted to remove the USB device.