Dispenser Configuration contains many configuration parameters that control the way your dispenser operates. Occasionally, you may want to change the configuration to optimize your process.

To change the configuration:

  1. Enter a password that allows access to the Configuration menu.
  2. From the main menu bar, select ConfigurationDispenser Configuration.
  3. Two windows display: GPD - Edit Configuration and GPD - Configuration Definitions.

    DO NOT modify the GPD - Configuration Definitions window. This window contains definitions of the configuration parameters; changes in this window do not affect dispenser configuration.

    ONLY modify the GPD - Edit Configuration window.

  4. In the GPD - Edit Configuration window, locate the line to edit.

    You can press F2 to access a search dialog.

  5. Edit the line as necessary.
  6. Press ESC to access the ESCAPE MENU dialog.
  7. In the ESCAPE MENU dialog, press X or select EXIT and press ENTER.
  8. The Exit VEDIT dialog displays.
  9. In the Exit VEDIT dialog, press Y or select YES and press ENTER.
  10. Shutdown your dispenser normally.