To create a data backup on floppy disk(s):

  1. Change the system password to an access right that permits access to Configuration.
  2. From the main menu bar, click UtilitiesBackupData Only. A prompt displays in the GPD-Data Backup window:

    GPD Global Dispenser Data Backup

    Back up to USB Device? (Y/n) n

    Do you really want to perform a Data Backup to /dev/fd0 (Y/n)? y

    The machine begins preparing for the backup and leads to the following prompt:

    Do you want a reloadable backup on QNX disks? (y/N) y

    A reloadable backup simply refers to a backup from which you can restore while at the machine.
  3. Ignore all error messages preceding the following information and prompt:

    Total archive size is: 1924 k size will vary

    Requiring about 1 disk(s).

    Do you need to format some floppies now? (y/N) y

  4. ALWAYS format the number of disks suggested by the machine. After formatting all disks, the following prompt displays:

    Vol: When drive light goes out insert disk 1 and press

    When the backup is complete, the following prompt displays; this prompt is for GPD Global factory use only.

    Do you want a non-reloadable backup on a DOS/Win disk? (y/ N) n

    Non-reloadable backup is used only by GPD Global factory.

    Remove last backup disk

    Write Protect all disks. Then press Enter to continue.

  5. Press Enter to exit the Data Backup window.