This message appears during calibration if the vision system cannot find the vision target. The program run is canceled when ABORT is clicked. Replace the vision target if it has become soiled or other-wise damaged and be sure the calibration dot(s) is/are properly positioned on the calibration station. Verify the vision parameters (see Miscellaneous Program Settings) are either set to use the default values or properly adjusted. Then re-run the program.

If this message continues to display during calibration, enable Vision Display and re-run the program. With Vision Display enabled, the S15 window displays the camera calibration sequence. Observe the location, size and visibility of the vision target. The vision target should appear as described in Camera to Camera Calibration A1 (XY) of the Base Location Detail. The vision target should appear as 35-60% of one quadrant of the reticle in the S15 window. The vision target should appear in focus with noticeable contrast between the vision target and the surrounding area.