Occasionally, restoring a data only backup fails to restore the database when the copy method chosen. To work around this, you will need to manually restore the database files from the data only backup.

To manually restore the database files:

  1. Follow the Restore Data Backup procedure. During step 25, choose the option to preserve trace.
  2. Once the restore process is complete, reboot if your dispenser requires.
  3. Access a command prompt and type the following commands (follow each command with the ENTER key):

    $ su

    A password is required to continue. Contact support to request this password.

    After entering the password, the command prompt will change from $ to #.

    # cd /tmp/data/b/
    # cp gpd.db gpd.log /appl/data/
    # cd /appl/data/
    # chown dispenser:gpd gpd.db gpd.log
    # exit

    After executing the exit command, the command prompt will change from # to $.

    $ reboot.sh

  4. Your dispenser will reboot.