Requirements for Restoring from Slave Hard Drive

  • Your dispenser must be equipped with a backup (slave) hard drive in order to use this procedure.
  • Have a Restore System Boot disk available. For details on how to create this disk, refer to Writing an Image File to Floppy Disk.

Restore Drive

To restore data from a backup (slave) hard drive:

  1. With your dispenser powered off, insert the Restore System Boot Disk into the floppy disk drive.

    If the copy shipped with the dispenser is unavailable, you may recreate this disk. For instructions, refer to Writing an Image File to Floppy Disk.

  2. Boot your dispenser by swithing on the power.
  3. When your dispenser finishes booting from the Restore System Boot disk, a prompt displays.

    Type "restore [size] [type]" to restore a saved system:
          size is partition size in megabytes (default 5000, minimum 700);
          type is Y for a badly corrupted disk to force a surface test
          with bad block testing.  


  4. At the # prompt, type restore  5000  n and press ENTER:
  5. A prompt displays.

    GPD Dispenser Restore
    Copyright (C) 1998 General Production Devices

    Do you really want to ERASE the fixed hard drive and
      restore all software from the removable hard drive(Yn)?

  6. Answer Y and press ENTER.
  7. A prompt displays.

    Please Wait . . .

    If the prompt displayed is Source drive not ready: Aborting Restore, do not attempt to continue. This message indicates the backup (slave) hard drive is unavailable. Press ENTER to halt the retore utility. Resolving this issue is beyond the scope of this article. Contact customer service for more information.

    This process will take a up to 15 minutes to finish.

  8. When the restore process is complete, a prompt displays.

    Operation Complete
    Remove diskette from floppy drive.
    Press ENTER to continue.

  9. Remove the Restore System Boot Disk from the floppy disk drive.
  10. Press ENTER and your dispenser begins to restart. A countdown shows the restart progress. When the countdown reaches 0 (zero) shut off your dispenser completely and let it drain all stored energy for at least one minute before turning it back on.
  11. Boot your dispsenser normally.
  12. After your dispenser boots normally, verify restored data is correct. If data is correct, continue with Step 13. If data is incorrect, continue with Step 14.
  13. Verify all base locations. For details refer to Base Locations Reference Guide.
  14. Select the appropriate scenario: