Benefits of Alternate Low-Level Backup

When your dispenser is not bootable, it may be possible to backup existing configuration files and data.

In many cases, the machine may not be able to boot up completely into standard operational mode, yet it can still be accessed in an alternate operating system referred to as Low-Level.

If Alternate Low-Level access is granted, a Data Backup can be performed which will backup all the current and relevant machine data including:

  • IO Configurations,
  • Options Configurations,
  • Servo Files,
  • System Files, and
  • all Program, Shape, Head, Material, Vision and Process Data.

This data only backup may be useful in Restore Data Backup.

Requirements for Alternate Low-Level Backup

  • Your dispenser must be (partially) bootable from the primary hard drive.

Performing Alternate Low-Level Backup

To enter the Low-Level System to perform a Data Backup:

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. A prompt displays.

    Press ESC for Alternate OS......

  3. Press ESC on the keyboard.

    This prompt appears shortly after power on. You must press ESC while the message is the most current message. Repeatedly tapping ESC on the keyboard after power on until the message appears may help pressing ESC at the right time.

  4. If you are successful, a prompt displays.

    Alternate LOW LEVEL Startup

  5. A prompt displays.

    Automatic Service Login

    For more information, use the new ticket form or submit your request via email.

  6. A prompt displays.

    Start Low Level Drivers (I/O and Video) (y/n):

  7. Answer N and press ENTER.
  8. A prompt displays.

    Start X Windows? (y/n):

  9. Answer N and press ENTER.
  10. At the command prompt ($), type  -d and press ENTER.

These steps start the backup utility detailed in Data Backup. Follow the link for more information.