Restoring data is typically performed when something goes wrong. Restore a backup (previously archived material) as a first attempt at restoring data.

  • Restoring a backup restores all data files. (To selectively restore program-specific files, you must use the import/export process).
  • In order to use the restore function, the operator must have a password authorizing Restore Backups.
  • The user should be familiar with the differences between the different types of backup: data, application, and full system. For details, refer to Routine Backups in the System Management section of the FLOware Software Guide.
NOTE: If errors occur during the data backup restoration, a more complex procedure, Recovering from Catastrophe - a Guide (Dispenser Software Recovery document), that is beyond the scope of activities normally performed by an operator may be required.

Requirements for Restoring Data Backup

The Data Backup to be used MUST BE at the same level of software as was loaded during the Install System Software from CD (Dispenser Software Recovery document) procedure. To verify which version is currently installed on the system, go to the main menu bar and click on Help > About.

CAUTION: If the backup was created in a different level of software or if no backup is available, contact the GPD Global Service Department PRIOR to attempting to load the backup.

Restoring Data Backup

Data restore can take place from multiple locations depending on the configuration of your dispenser and the location of the backup file.

Restoring From USB

Follow this procedure to restore from a USB drive backup file.

Restoring From Floppy

Follow this procedure to restore from a floppy disk backup.