A full system backup is a comprehensive backup of all data and all operating software including FLOware® operating software, X-Windows, Sybase, and QNX.

This type of backup can only be made on the backup (slave) hard drive /hd1.

To create a Full System Backup:

  1. Change the system password to an access right that permits access to Backup.
  2. From the main menu bar, click UtilitiesBackupFull System.
  3. A prompt displays in the GPD - Full System Backup window:

    GPD Global Dispenser System Backup

    OK to erase backup hard drive /hd1 ?(Y/n) y

    If the window displayed is not GPD - Full System Backup, do not attempt to continue. If another window displays, the backup (slave) hard drive is unavailable.

  4. The primary hard drive is /hd0, and the backup (slave) hard drive is /hd1. A complete wipe of the contents of the backup (slave) hard drive is necessary prior to performing a full system backup, so answer Y.

    Do you really want to perform a System Backup to /hd1 (Y/n)? y

  5. Normally, the drive has already been partitioned and checked so this will not be necessary. If, however, the backup (slave) hard drive is new, the system needs to mount a partition and perform a surface check. After this operation is completed, the system ends the backup session. You must then start the full system backup again from the beginning.
    Typically the dispenser will prompt:

    Erasing backup hard drive /hd1.
    Press ENTER to continue

  6. Press Enter. At this point, the system prepares to perform the backup and displays the following:

    Beginning Backup

    If any error messages are reported, record them exactly
        as they appear and contact GPD Global service personnel

    Wait . . .

    The following message is common. It will always display if there are no application backups found on the master hard drive. If this message displays, ignore it.

    Pax: /Backups : No such file or directory

    The full system backup can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the amount of data and the speed of data transfer. A typical backup usually takes 7 to 8 minutes.

    Do not attempt to end the procedure in any way until you receive the following message:

    Backup Complete Bkset: DB Connection Done : Press ENTER to continue

  7. Press ENTER to end the full system backup procedure and exit the window.