The dispenser configuration file contains parameters that define the hardware configuration of your dispenser. Entries in this file are normally changed only when hardware is changed.

Text in the dispenser configuration file is formatted as an INI file. The file is organized into sections. Properties for each section are defined by a name and a value

Here's a sample of the GENERAL section with properties of DisplayUnits, WeightUnits, and TemperatureUnits followed by a description:


DisplayUnits = 1
WeightUnits = 0
TemperatureUnits = 0
# 0 for metric, 1 for English; weight & temp revert to
# DisplayUnits if absent

Accessing dispenser configuration file

The method you use to access the configuration file depends on whether or not the FLOware software is running.

FLOware Software is running

If the FLOware software is running, open the dispenser configuration file from the main menu by selecting Dispenser Configuration from the Configuration menu. Two windows will display:

  • GPD - Configuration Definitions -- provides documentation regarding the configuration options.
  • GPD - Edit Configuration-- contains parameters that define hardware configuration.

    Only this window should be modified.

Low Level - FLOware Software is not running

If the FLOware software is not running, access the dispenser configuration by entering the following command at command prompt. (Refer to Accessing a Shell for more information.)

vedit /appl/etc/config/ds.options.cfg

Editing dispenser configuration file

The content of this section is NOT recommended for use by anyone besides GPD Global personnel or those working under the direct guidance of GPD Global personnel. Improper application of this information can lead to serious compli- cations in FLOware Software operations.
Any non-GPD Global employee who uses this information beyond the stated applica- tion specified by GPD Global Service Department personnel is in danger of causing personal injury and invalidating their machine warranty.

Open the dispenser configuration file and then modify the configuration parameters:

  1. Open the dispenser configuration file per above Accessing dispenser configuration file instructions.
  2. To begin modifying the parameters to match hardware changes to your dispenser, locate the item(s) to edit.

    Press F2 to access the search dialog.

  3. Set the appropriate value.
  4. Press ESC to display the ESCAPE MENU.
  5. Choose Exitfrom the escape menu.

    Press X as a keyboard shortcut.

  6. Choose Yesfrom the exit vedit dialog.

    Press Y as a keyboard shortcut.

  7. Reboot the dispenser for the change to take effect.