Replacing the Servo Interface Card

  1. Shutdown the dispenser.
  2. Open the computer and identify the servo interface card.
  3. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the servo interface card by pushing the retaining clips away from the ribbons connector.
  4. Remove the servo interface card from the computer by removing the bolt holding the boards flange to the computer chassis.
  5. Install the new board and ensure that it is fully seated in the computer.
  6. Reinstall the retaining bolt to the flange of the board.
  7. Reconnect the ribbon cable and ensure that the retaining clips are fully closed around the connector.

Test and Configure the Servo Interface Card

  1. Turn on the dispenser.
  2. After the message beginning Last login: displays, press <ctrl> C to stop the startup routine.
    This should cause DS9000 Startup Procedure Failed to display.
  3. Press the motion stop switch.

    Not pressing the motion stop switch may allow the gantry to move during the following steps resulting in damage to the dispenser.

  4. At the prompt enter the following commands (these commands are case sensitive, be sure each command finishes before starting the next):

    cd  /appl/etc/config/mei
    cp  3axis.abs  mei.firmware.abs

  5. If all the commands finsh, enter the following command to reboot the dispenser:

    The dispenser may need to be shutdown (from FLOware) and remain powered off to re-establish communication with the vision processor.