MAX SERIES Legacy Servo Motor and Motion Control Support


GPD Global will continue to support owners of the legacy MAX SERIES Dispensers which have the older servo motor, amplifier, motion controller and servo interface PCB.

Products Affected and Details

Parts will be continued to be available as follows:

* Subject to availability after which time would revert to an alternative new motor or refurb/exchange
** Return old part within 30 days
Part Number Description Part Availability
4900-0034 MAX Servo Motor, X-axis New Stock *
4900-0035 MAX Servo Motor, Y/Z-axis New Stock *
1100-0022 MAX Servo Amplifier
Programmed for X, Y or Z-axis
Refurb/Exchange **
10/1348 Servo Motion Controller, 4-axis, 16-Bit New Stock - OR - Refurb/Exchange **
2200-0149 Servo Interface PCB New Stock

This program is supportable through 30 June 2023. Following that, a new program may be available. At GPD Global we strive to stay on the leading edge of Technology. Upgrading to our latest technology can pay for itself in a short period of time by improving your processes and productivity.

Contact Information

For additional information or quote request on this support program, use the New Support Ticket form or submit your request via email.

Thank You for your continued support.