CF7 Axial Component Lead Former

Sale of the CF7 Axial Component Lead Former was discontinued at the beginning of 2007, after 30 years. For those customers still using the CF7, we continued to supply parts and maintenance support for the next ten years until now. This announcement is official notification that parts and service will no longer be available as the conclusion of the ten year period has been reached.

As many of the CF7 users are aware the CF8 Axial Component Lead Former is the only Axial Component Lead Former now offered by GPD Global, Inc. Not only can the CF8 produce the same forms as the CF7, but also many more including verticals, lock-ins and stand-offs. The component lead diameter processing range is also much greater with the CF8... 0.015" to 0.060" (0,38 mm to 2,52 mm).

We appreciate your loyalty as a user of the CF7 and encourage all to consider the CF8 Axial Lead Former to continue your component-prep production requirements.