Requirements for Manually Restoring Latest Database Backup

  • Your dispenser must be (partially) bootable from the primary hard drive.
  • Your dispenser configuration must be correct.
  • A backup (data only or full system) must have been performed.

Manually Restoring Latest Database Backup

To restore the latest database backup:

  1. Access a command prompt.
  2. At the command prompt, type the following commands.

    cd  /appl/data/

    A password is required to continue. Contact support to request this password

    After entering the password, the command prompt will change from $ to #.
    This command may produce an error which can be ignored.
    mv  gpd.db  gpd.db.backup
    mv  gpd.log  gpd.log.backup
    cd  b
    cp  gpd.*  ../
    cd  ..
    chown  111:47  gpd.*
    shutdown  -fb

  3. A message displays when it is safe to power off your dispenser.
  4. Power off your dispenser.
  5. Wait at least one minute before powering on your dispenser.