Coating System with Excellent Repeatability

Conformal Coating System for under $40,000!!!

Spray Valve and Volumetric Pump

Conformal Coating Machine with Excellent Repeatability

GRAND JUNCTION, CO. USA ― November 2017 ― GPD Global, manufacturer of high quality precision fluid dispensing systems, conformal coating and component prep systems offers a cost-effective automated Conformal Coating System (SimpleCoat) with excellent repeatability for just under $40,000!!!

SimpleCoat is a NEW low cost, inline, simple Conformal Coating System with full featured programming making the conformal coating processes quick and easy to set up. It is ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy & repeatability.

Coating Machine

This coating machine is equipped with a robust 3-axis motion platform that, in the base configuration, includes a spray valve and a needle valve. An optional volumetric pump may be used in place of the needle valve.

SimpleCoat works with a customer-supplied laptop computer. Programming of this conformal coating system is easy and can be done either by manually teaching a program or by using a JPG image. All dispense and motion parameters can be easily altered with the easy-to-use interface. Various shapes, patterns, and areas can also be programmed.

This video demonstrates Spray and Dispense process with HumiSeal 1B31