Breakthrough in Uniform Fluid Dispensing

Fluid Pressure Control - Real Time Process Control

Breakthrough in
Uniform Fluid Dispensing

Constant supply of fluid is always available to the pump regardless of the reservoir size or fluid level.

Dispense Results are Consistent with High Repeatability

GRAND JUNCTION, CO USA — May 2017 — GPD Global, a manufacturer of precision fluid dispensing systems for high-volume 24/7, low-volume/high-mix, and R&D production, offers a breakthrough in uniform fluid dispensing and repeatability by ensuring a consistent fluid supply to the pump regardless of reservoir size or fluid level.

Real Time Process Control - FPC

The patented Fluid Pressure Control (FPC) is a Real Time Process Control system that ensures a constant feed of fluid to a dispensing pump. Fluid Pressure Control is adaptable to any pump type and it improves the overall dispense repeatability and quality from beginning to end of a fluid reservoir.

Consistent Fluid for Uniform & Repeatable Dispensing

Dispensing pumps, in general, are very repeatable devices with high accuracy control systems and precision machining; however, when consistency of fluid entering the dispense pump varies, the output also varies. Typically, operators make numerous changes to the fluid pressure or dispense pump parameters to compensate for fluid variations originating from the syringe fluid level.  Fluid Pressure Control automatically eliminates this operator interaction and ensures the feed pressure supplied into the pump is constant…LEARN MORE

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